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Help us make mental health solutions more accessible and effective

Hundreds of people are already engaging with our guided notebook and online community; and we're actively working on new ways to increase the reach of quality professionals and research.

Everyone should have access to better mental health solutions. Help us make that happen.

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What We Believe

We believe everyone should have access to more effective mental health solutions and that the main barriers are currently cost, limited access to high quality providers, and slow development/adoption of promising research.

To cross these barriers, we plan to develop tools that creatively connect people with research and therapist expertise through technology.

We’ve started by producing a successful guided
notebook focused on accessible and effective tools for anxiety. With the community we've built, we're currently experimenting other tools including short-form videos classes taught by therapists. 

If you’re interested in the mission, would like to collaborate (share your expertise & ideas, talk about the notebooks), or just want to learn more:

Let us know, or send us a note at hello@therapynotebooks.com. Talk soon.