Our mission is to create the greatest net benefit to society by making evidence-based mental health tools more accessible.

"In this field, perhaps more than any other area of health care, we need to close the unconscionable gap between what we know and what we do...Closing the gap between what we know and what we do is the most urgent and tractable problem we face in the world of mental health care." (Insel 2019

What We Believe


Closing the gap: what we know and what we do

Global mental health needs are growing and the current system is unable to keep up. Though many areas could be improved (measurement, fragmented care) we are focusing on one: closing the gap between what we know works and what we do about it. Large bodies of evidence already exist for what tools are effective, and we want to help make these accessible.

True accessibility: "efficacy" vs effectiveness

Many tools may work in the lab, but we have to measure effectiveness in the real world. Real world factors like stigma and motivation affect adherence and effectiveness. The median number of sessions someone attends therapy is infamously only 1. We want to bring great design and user experience to mental health in order to make tools that are effective in the real world and accessed by as many people as possible.

More science, better design

To make a difference in real world settings we need mental health tools that reflect the latest in science and are truly enjoyable to use. What if broccoli could taste like french fries?

Our Initiatives

By the end of March 1, 2021 we plan to launch the following initiatives

1. Research Score

We commit to creating a set of guidelines to score which evidence-based tools work for whom based on available research. The criteria, scores, and reasonings will be made transparent and publicly available.

2. Schools & Hospitals

We commit to giving away 1,000. books to high schools, colleges, and healthcare workers by March 2021 as a pilot for a greater program.

3. Diversity in Leadership

We commit to donating $5,000 (to your non-profit of choice) for every successful referral of a diverse hire into a leadership position. 

We care about making the world a better place through effective, enjoyable, and accessible mental health tools