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396 reviews 4.9 Stars

The Anxiety & Depression Set

For the two most commonly co-occuring conditions

$123.37 $95.78 22% off

Often called "two sides of the same coin," anxiety and depression are two of the most commonly co-occuring mental health conditions. Fortunately, evidence-based research suggests that these conditions can be treated at the same time, and treated well. This set includes tools to manage stress and anxiety in-the-moment, and to sustainably manage depression over time.

  • These two linen-bound, hardcover journals are designed to be used concurrently to support your mental health journey. You can also use these journals alongside therapy or as standalone resources.
  • The Anti-Anxiety Notebook uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you process and reframe your negative thoughts with structure and guidance to find relief. 
  • The Field Guide for Depression guides you through 5 evidence-based tools so you can find the combination that works uniquely for you. 
  • This set contains two hardcover notebooks.
  • Each notebook is filled with 272 cream pages of 75 gsm paper for a fluid, delightful writing experience.
  • Hardcover, with a thread-sewn, flat-lay binding. Heat-sealed ribbon.
  • (LxWxH): 8.25 x 5.25 x 0.80 in, 0.84 lb. per notebook.

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The Anxiety & Depression Set



The books I have received help me so much. The books help me think different when I'm having a situation where I know I can write about it. They have helped me see different sides of the situation and how to fix or work on problem areas.

Sarah R.

I purchased the depression and anxiety toolkit and while I'm still in the beginning stages of the books, I completely love them. The reads are short and very informative. I chose to share the readings with my partner who comes from a naturally "happy" family that doesn't understand what I'm going through, especially postpartum. He went from "Well, you just need to get over it," to understanding my position and wanting to help.

Rorie O.

So grateful this exists! I cannot overstate how effective it is to write when it comes to mental health. I got The Anti-Anxiety Notebook and it puts those things together in an easy to understand and informative guide for anyone who wants to take a step toward better relationships, or better mental health. It WORKS. It's for EVERYONE. Even if anxiety isn't a problem for you, this notebook WILL help you.

Aubrey T.

The journals help keep me aware of my current thought patterns and helps me to clearly see each situation differently. Without them I would not be doing this much reflection. Definitely useful for a busy student like me as I can easily write an entry whenever I need to.

Tommy B.

Wish I'd found these sooner!! I am a true fan of Therapy Notebooks. As a clinician with over 30 years behind me, I would have loved to have these books available for my clients across the years. I like the detailed points about different mental health challenges and the structure provided to help clients.

Alicia W., Licensed Therapist

Both therapy journals work well together to address my mental health concerns. They are also great anchors when working with my therapist. I'm so glad I made the investment.

Shelley W.


Thought Log

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Process stressful moments with the help of structured journal entries designed for in-the-moment use. A sample entry is included as a handy reference tool.

Thought Log

Page 26 Thought Log

Overview of Tools

The Field Guide for Depression

We introduce five different evidence-based tools that you can use to manage your depression to find what works for you, and give you space to practice at your own pace.

Overview of Tools

Page 12 Overview of Tools

How This Book Helps You

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Learn how to manage fear and worry and get back into the driver's seat when it comes to tackling these challenging emotions. The practices in The Anti-Anxiety Notebook help you reframe your thoughts into something much more manageable, accelerating your ability to identify patterns and proactively tackle issues as they come up.

How This Book Helps You

Page 15 How This Book Helps You

How This Book Helps You

The Field Guide for Depression

Navigating depression is a personal journey and involves learning what works for you. The Field Guide for Depression is designed to help you explore 5 different evidence-based tools for depression that address your motivation, internal dialogue, and relationships. 

How This Book Helps You

Page 18 How This Book Helps You

A way through that’s go-at-your-own-speed

Make a real impact on your mental health at a pace that’s right for you. While the tools in both notebooks come with a suggested use cadence, what works best is ultimately what you find works well for you. This set brings together the skills, science and professional guidance to help you feel better and find your way back to what matters most. 

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A Therapy Notebooks Customer
United States United States

Great resource for those who don't have a lot of time to journal

I enjoy journaling and working through processing emotions, events, and feelings with the written word. But as a busy professional with small children, I don't have the time to devote as much to this task as I'd like. Using the therapy journal and anxiety journal is great for me because writing an entry takes only a few minutes. And on the days I have more time to process things, there is the option of writing more in the blank pages towards the end. I'd recommend these journals to anyone who wants to keep up journaling and writing with limited time to do so.

Mariela O.
Canada Canada

Really helpful notebook

I did not know if this would work for me, but so far I've been loving it. I have been able to process my feelings better because of this notebook, I use it just when I feel I need it and it has helped me recognize my triggers and ends up calming me down in moments of stress.

Sarah D.
New Zealand New Zealand

How Do I Feel? Excited About This Book!!

The quality, design and beauty of this book have surpassed expectations. Writing on the pages helps me to externalise the situation/thoughts in a meaningful way, and as it is interspersed with useful evidence-based information it helps develop a deep understanding of the mechanisms at play. It really is a beautiful resource, feels like a treasure.

Naoreen I.
United States United States


This notebook is such a wonderful tool to clear your mind and help you step away from feeling overwhelmed. It's simple, understated, and beautiful, but full of useful information and tools. I love that I can always reference the different tools and use my own written experiences as templates for other moments. Thank you to team Therapy Notebooks!

United States United States

Guides abstract thoughts to concretion. Helps identify negative behavioral patterns.

What I love most about this journal is that you don't feel obligated to write in it every day. I pick mine up when I'm feeling overwhelmed and start an entry. Recognizing and identifying my emotions and what cognitive distortions I am employing makes me feel heard, and my feelings seem validated. Traditional interpersonal therapy in a structured setting never worked for me. It was too much pressure, and I always found myself being overly absorbed in the fact that I was subject to the interpretations of another person, and how I was being perceived based on my physical presence and body language. This notebook guides you through your own feelings, and encourages you to re-evaluate the situation and identify the difference between ~reality~ and ~*not reality*~.

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