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Best Seller
4.9 Stars

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Reframe and Reset


Reduce anxiety, manage stress, and become more aware of your thought patterns with this easy-to-use, guided notebook. Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a rigorously-tested and widely-used treatment, you’ll develop the skills to identify, challenge, and change unhelpful thought patterns so you can feel better.

  • 40 Guided Journal Entries for in-the-moment support
  • Structured exercises proven to help reduce anxiety and track patterns
  • 5 check-ins covering different therapy tools for anxiety
  • 100+ Notes and Tips From Therapists
  • This notebook is filled with 272 pages of 75 gsm cream paper for a smooth & fluid writing experience. 
  • Hardcover, with a thread-sewn, flat-lay binding. Linen cover material. Heat-sealed ribbon. 
  • (LxWxH): 8.5" x 5.5" x 0.63", 0.84 lb.

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The Anti-Anxiety Notebook


Have you ever found yourself feeling tense or unable to relax, but you’re not sure why? Or maybe you’re experiencing dread that you can’t quite pinpoint? The Anti-Anxiety Notebook is a playbook for immediately addressing what’s causing your stress—giving you a sense of greater control over your emotions.


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Guiding Principles

We've designed the Anti-Anxiety Notebook so you can start from any page, as soon as you receive it.

Guiding Principles

Page 8 Guiding Principles

Thought Log

Process stressful moments with the help of structured journal entries designed for in-the-moment use. A sample entry is included as a handy reference tool.

Thought Log

Page 26 Thought Log

Tips & Setting Your Intentions

We include helpful therapist guidance throughout your journaling experience, starting with an intentional check-in.

Tips & Setting Your Intentions

Page 18 Tips & Setting Your Intentions

How This Book Helps You

Find out why 150,000+ people love our best-selling Anti-Anxiety Notebook.

How This Book Helps You

Page 10 How This Book Helps You

INTRODUCTION: Anxiety and Evidence-Based Tools

Build a solid understanding of the research and science behind anxiety. You’ll learn the most effective tools that therapists use with their own clients.

INTRODUCTION: Anxiety and Evidence-Based Tools

Page 14 INTRODUCTION: Anxiety and Evidence-Based Tools

A way through anxiety that's go-at-your-own-speed.

Learn how to manage fear and worry and get back into the driver's seat when it comes to tackling these challenging emotions. The practices in our notebook help you reframe your thoughts into something much more manageable, accelerating your ability to identify patterns and proactively address issues as they come up.

See what life is like on the other side of your anxiety

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the best-researched and most effective form of psychotherapy. Meaning you’ll get help in-the-moment with a practice that also builds your resilience to future anxiety. Resulting in change you can feel, and progress that’s worth the time you put in.

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After about a couple of weeks using this book, I can confidently say that this has helped me a lot. I feel so much more at peace now than when I was constantly ruminating, catastrophizing, and emotional reasoning prior to this notebook.

Jessica C.

I have reached for this book countless times and will continue to do so. It has helped me immensely to take a step back, access my situation, and calm down.

Kayla C.

I have been using the notebook for a few months, and have found it extremely helpful in learning to recognize negative thought patterns and emotional reasoning in real time, so that I can reframe my thoughts and work through the rough spots quicker.

Stacey S.

When using this notebook I can clearly see what's happening and diffuse the situation. The questions they ask really detangle the anxiety and diminishes it very quickly.

Rebekeh R.

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A Therapy Notebooks Customer
United States United States

Great resource for those who don't have a lot of time to journal

I enjoy journaling and working through processing emotions, events, and feelings with the written word. But as a busy professional with small children, I don't have the time to devote as much to this task as I'd like. Using the therapy journal and anxiety journal is great for me because writing an entry takes only a few minutes. And on the days I have more time to process things, there is the option of writing more in the blank pages towards the end. I'd recommend these journals to anyone who wants to keep up journaling and writing with limited time to do so.

Mariela O.
Canada Canada

Really helpful notebook

I did not know if this would work for me, but so far I've been loving it. I have been able to process my feelings better because of this notebook, I use it just when I feel I need it and it has helped me recognize my triggers and ends up calming me down in moments of stress.

Sarah D.
New Zealand New Zealand

How Do I Feel? Excited About This Book!!

The quality, design and beauty of this book have surpassed expectations. Writing on the pages helps me to externalise the situation/thoughts in a meaningful way, and as it is interspersed with useful evidence-based information it helps develop a deep understanding of the mechanisms at play. It really is a beautiful resource, feels like a treasure.

United States United States

Guides abstract thoughts to concretion. Helps identify negative behavioral patterns.

What I love most about this journal is that you don't feel obligated to write in it every day. I pick mine up when I'm feeling overwhelmed and start an entry. Recognizing and identifying my emotions and what cognitive distortions I am employing makes me feel heard, and my feelings seem validated. Traditional interpersonal therapy in a structured setting never worked for me. It was too much pressure, and I always found myself being overly absorbed in the fact that I was subject to the interpretations of another person, and how I was being perceived based on my physical presence and body language. This notebook guides you through your own feelings, and encourages you to re-evaluate the situation and identify the difference between ~reality~ and ~*not reality*~.


Anti anxiety notebook

I bought the book for my 20 yr old daughter, and she loves it!!

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