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Expert Tips: Navigating Uncertainty with The Anti-Anxiety Notebook Entries (With Examples)

July 08, 2020

Expert Tips: Navigating Uncertainty with The Anti-Anxiety Notebook Entries (With Examples)
By the Therapy Notebooks Team

The Thought Log is a versatile Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based tool. In addition to the example journal entry we include in The Anti-Anxiety Notebook, we’ve included two more examples and Dr. Diana Hu’s commentary to help you get more out of your journaling experience.

Suggested Use:
Take a few minutes to read the entries, Dr. Diana Hu’s review and recommendation, and reflect on how you might incorporate these examples into your journaling approach.

Samples Entries for Anti Anxiety Notebook

Dr. Diana Hu’s Review
These two entries are great examples of managing uncertainty—especially situations that are outside of our control. When we experience anxiety, it can make any degree of uncertainty feel difficult to tolerate, which feeds into a desire to regain control. This can manifest as “should” statements and unrealistic expectations of ourselves, which are common cognitive distortions.

As you can see, these individuals were able to catch these thoughts and appropriately identify them as self-blaming, should statements, and fortune telling.

Dr. Diana Hu’s Recommendation
Our minds may try to spin a situation to give you an unrealistic—but comforting—sense of control. See if you can recognize when this is happening, and how you feel before and after reframing those thoughts.

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