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Expert Tips: Additional Resources for The After-Trauma Notebook

Expert Tips: Additional Resources for The After-Trauma Notebook
By the Therapy Notebooks Team

In addition to your weekly writing sessions with The After-Trauma Notebook, we're providing two additional resources for you to continuing identifying and understanding your traumatic experience—so you can process and heal.

Resource 1: Naming Trauma Beliefs

What It Is:
An exercise to help you identify the beliefs that have been shaped by your traumatic experiences—and deciding whether or not to challenge those beliefs.

How to Use:
Take 20-30 minutes to journal through the reflection activity. Go back to this activity as many times as you need.

Download here

Resource 2: Options for Feelings

What It Is:
A resource that guides you through different ways to work through your feelings, especially those that are intertwined with our traumatic experiences.

How to Use:
When you notice different emotions come up for you, refer to this resource and try one or more of the methods of processing your feelings.

Download here


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