Male therapist smiling

Letter From a Therapist

I’ve always been struck 
by the gap between mental
health knowledge and
mental health treatments. 


Forty million people in the United States struggle with anxiety disorders, and many more deal with some form of anxiety in their lifetime. 

Even though science knows of effective mental health tools backed by hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, too many obstacles get in the way: available solutions are often difficult to use, not helpful enough, or too expensive.  

Together with a few colleagues, I sought to create something to bridge this gap—resources that would make it easier for people to feel better by building mental health solutions that are effective, affordable, and enjoyable. 

Therapy Notebooks are not magic books—they will not miraculously make your problems disappear—but they will help you reflect, direct your writing, and provide effective tools and insights along the way.

I hope that every page you complete reminds you that you are capable of positive change. Recognize that the work you put into Therapy Notebooks is an act of immense strength, courage, and self-love.

I’lll be rooting for you.

-Hod Tamir PhD., Lead Clinician

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