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The Build-a-Habit Guide

A Research-Backed Program to Make Habits Stick

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Building a new habit takes experimentation, compassion, and creativity. This guided program puts research into step-by-step practice so you can develop the habit you’ve always wanted. Along the way, you’ll be guided through creating a habit plan and experimenting with what works through daily and weekly check-ins.

  • This notebook is filled with 144 pages of 75 gsm cream paper for a smooth & fluid writing experience.
  • Hard bound with a flat lay binding, this notebook is lighter than The Anti-Anxiety Notebook, but filled with the same high-quality, evidence-based content you know and trust.
  • (LxWxH): 8.5" x 5.5" x 0.38", 0.51 lb.

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The Build-a-Habit Guide


You've tried (and struggled) with building habits. You're tired (and overwhelmed) from all of the change you want to make, but haven't been able to implement. Thankfully, there’s a body of research dedicated to figuring out how to make sustained behavior change.

The Build-a-Habit Guide breaks down the habit building process into a proven plan for making new habits stick, now and into the future. You'll also be supported, throughout your journey, with optional resources like free worksheets, therapist tips, and example entries—all delivered by email.


What makes The Build-a-Habit Guide different? We guide you, step-by-step, through every bump in the road so you're never going it alone.

Our defining principle: your first plan isn't going to be your final plan. Something that was really important for us was this understanding that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' system for building habits. To that end, we have a "Repeat and Refine" section that guides you through finding a system that works for you.

Asaf Mazar, Lead Behavioral Scientist



Choose Your Habit

We guide you through a reflection exercise to identify which simple and short healthy habit to build a plan for.

Choose Your Habit

Page 26 Choose Your Habit

Create Your Habit Plan

Forming habits is as much an art as it is a science. We help you design a habit plan that leverages the most proven research principles.

Create Your Habit Plan

Page 32 Create Your Habit Plan

Daily Check-In Instructions and Sample Entry

Put your habit to practice with daily check-ins designed to help you figure out what works for you.

Daily Check-In Instructions and Sample Entry

Page 46 Daily Check-In Instructions and Sample Entry

Synthesis and Reflection for Week 1

Each week, identify what has and hasn’t worked and make small adjustments to increase the likelihood of habit success.

Synthesis and Reflection for Week 1

Page 56 Synthesis and Reflection for Week 1

How This Book Helps You

Find out more about the habit book that takes a different approach to habit formation. We create the structure and space for you to account for life’s messiness and build a habit that sticks.

How This Book Helps You

Page 4 How This Book Helps You

Learn how to build a habit today...

In this busy world, we’ve broken down easy, practical steps to help you build a new habit that lasts. Our process is simple, engaging, and gives you the space to make mistakes. Along the way, you’ll find out what works for you now, and well into the future.

...So you can build healthy habits for a lifetime.

Once you've learned the process of habit formation, you can rinse and repeat with any other habit you want to develop. You'll have the skills and the mindset that will set you up for success, no matter what you want to tackle.

Hear from a customer who knows how hard it can be to build a habit.

Build a habit guide customer review
The Build-a-Habit Guide have me the structure that I needed, the accessibility and the mindset that you're going to miss some days and that's okay. You can scientifically get yourself to a place where you can complete the things that you set out to.

Stacey S. @_staceyoga_

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I really enjoy that this notebook breaks down exactly how you build a habit and most importantly that you may not always be in the mood to do it! I'm excited to have this notebook and commit myself back to a habit I used to enjoy and that makes a big difference in elevating my mood--exercising. The notebook addresses obstacles and even check-ins for when you don't complete the habit, which lets me know I can be honest about the days I may miss or struggle to complete my habit. Having a notebook dedicated to a single habit makes me feel confident that I can really achieve this goal!

Jasmine T.

Before I even opened the book the orange cover lured me in and got me excited to open it. Overall, the style of writing really speaks to me. It's so welcoming, clear, and scientifically-presented without an ounce of judgment. The repetition and structure of the entry prompts in this book (and others) has really helped me identify what it is that fluctuates over time, allowing me to live more proactively and less reactively. This new level of awareness also inspires more self-compassion.

Starting from the mindset of simplicity and accountability, and planning for changes throughout the process, makes this journey feel manageable and welcoming rather than daunting and anxiety-inducing. I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Stacey S.

Look, I love me some stickers and checking off boxes and all that. But every journal like that I've tried hasn't actually helped anything stick. Or even form while I'm trying to do it for that matter. They're cute accessories. Like the new version of the Franklin Covey planners.

This journal is definitely not that. It's more than just tracking. I'm learning as I track and reinforcing the things I'm learning. Dig deeper into that angle and I think that really sets things apart.

JoAnna S.

I like that The Build-a-Habit Guide has a step-by-step plan. It feels very pragmatic and it makes building habits feel possible. Instead of just saying 'do the thing,' and feeling overwhelmed by trying to the thing, I actually feel like I can do the thing through this book's guidance.

Austin E.

I REALLY want to form new habits. I TRY to form new habits, but I rarely make it past day 3. My job is really demanding, so the last thing I want to do when I get home is more "work." Once starting The Build-A-Habit Guide, I could finally separate the habit building from the idea of laborious work and start enjoying the process of making the habit stick. There's no pressure to make your habit something huge (like running 5 miles daily). The daily reflections are straightforward and allow me to write as much or as little as I want (which is sometimes just a happy or sad face depending on the day). I finally found the tool I needed to succeed, and I'm definitely recommending this to my friends and family!

Logan M.

I was pleasantly surprised when using The Build-a-Habit Guide. The orange color is really striking but also warm, it makes it feel like a book I actually want to pick up. The way that the book presents habits feels really clear and easy to understand. I didn't really think about habits in this way before, so the breakdown was helpful. It's not super dense, and I like how there's good guidance and encouragement throughout the book on making my habit happen.

Raina Z.

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Kathrine P.
United States United States

I love it

I do love it. I am using it to build the habit of writing daily. As an aspiring author, that is a habit I definitely need to have!


Therapy Notebooks

HI Katherine, Thank you for your wonderful review and for trusting Therapy Notebooks to aid in your habit building process. We are glad that you are enjoying The Build-a-Habit Guide and that its helping you build daily writing habits. We are thankful for your trust in our products! -The Therapy Notebook Team

Kristy S.
United States United States

Positive Influence

I honestly can't say enough about Therapy Notebook products. This guide has helped me build healthy and maintainable goals. I have ADHD and this helped me in a way that is not overwhelming and "self helpy" (not a word, but you know what I mean). I am not a fan of the self-help genre. So it is amazing to come across a company that make scientific based products that actually work. I have only a BA in Psychology, but I can honestly say that everything I've bought from this company aligns with what I was taught in school. I will continue to come back to this company for their notebooks.

United States United States

Best thing ever

Truly so helpful and wonderful!

United States United States


Using this notebook has become habitual

United States United States

LOVE this notebook!

I've been using this for about a week now and am already blown away by how much of a difference it has made. It breaks habit building down into a simple path and does it in a way that is consistent, yet adaptable. I've always been the kind of person who "gives up" if I don't stick to a habit perfectly, but the theory behind this notebook helps me accept that it's okay to do it imperfectly. Doing it at all is what counts towards building in the long run.

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