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How to catch, check, and change your negative thought loops in 3 easy steps

Expert therapists made this best-selling notebook to make Cognitive Behavioral Therapy easy to practice for real results you can feel from the first entry.

800+ 5 Star Reviews

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Catch what's going on

When you start to feel that familiar but uneasy feeling, take a beat and reflect on the situation that may have caused this. Then, note down the thoughts going through your mind, and identify the feelings you're experiencing.


Check the automatic thoughts

Take a look at the thoughts and feelings you wrote down, and try to notice the cognitive distortions or thinking errors that have taken form. If you ever feel stuck, there's a handy list of Cognitive Distortions with examples of each in the back of the book to help you out.


Change your thinking for the better

Based on the thinking traps that are taking place, reframe your thoughts. This is a chance to intentionally change the narrative and underlying beliefs behind your automatic thoughts, so you can feel better in the moment and, with practice, over time.


BONUS: Repeat these 3 steps whenever you feel anxious or overwhelmed

Regular practice of CBT can help you reduce your negative thought loops for good. By challenging your negative thoughts, you're developing new neural pathways that, over time, can become your more positive automatic thoughts.

See how customers use The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Recommended by therapists for clients and personal use:

  • A Must for Every Therapist! I highly recommend these notebooks. These should be part of grad school curriculum. Great for new therapists to help guide CBT process and use as homework assignments for patients. I wish I would have had access to something like this when just starting in my profession.

    Amy M.

    Licensed Therapist

  • I purchased the Anti-Anxiety Notebook for myself to assist with reducing some anxiety. I enjoyed it so much that I started referring clients to it as well (I am a therapist) and have purchased a few copies for my office and for close friends of mine who have anxiety. I highly recommend this as a tool to help decrease anxiety!

    Amanda T.

    Licensed Therapist

  • I recommend these products consistently to my clients who are seeking additional therapeutic support outside of our regular sessions, or for those who want to dive deeper into certain topics. I also use these notebooks myself, they are great tools to prompt greater self-reflection, improve insight, and emotional awareness.

    C. Davies

    Licensed Therapist

  • These books are amazing! I bought initially to further help my clients (therapist here) but ended up loving them so much that I not only use them personally, but also review my journaling with my own therapist! I've recommended these books to family, friends, and my clients. They are truly great.

    Alison S.

    Licensed Therapist

  • Helpful from client and therapist perspectives. Upon exploration of the journal, I found it to be a sound and useful tool from my perspective as a counselor who sees a counselor as well as a counselor with an active caseload of clients with complex presentations.

    T. Perkins

    Licensed Therapist

  • I am a therapist and I was interested in finding a journal to offer my clients for working in between sessions. Really appreciate all the thought and background knowledge that went into creating this journal and the others as well.

    M. Krugel

    Licensed Therapist

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