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You are looking for accessible mental health tools that you can trust.

"I use it every single day and I use every single notebook. I started with the anti anxiety notebook and before I knew it I had the entire collection now I'm sleeping better, my thoughts are more calm and collected and I'm processing through the abuse I suffered as a child."

—Katy, Therapy Notebooks Customer

You journal regularly or are interested in exploring journaling.

"Lately, I've been realizing my anxiety has been presenting itself more and the usual things (meditation, guided breathing, and exercise) aren't fully helping me get out of my negative thought cycles. I love the research that has gone into this notebook and the intentionality of explaining everything at the beginning. The prompts are incredibly helpful to move through and I find myself more relaxed after being able to write my thoughts and feelings down in an intentional way than just journaling."

—Lauren, Therapy Notebooks Customer

You want self-guided resources to use in conjunction with therapy.

"I’m using this book as a tool to complement my therapy sessions. It has helped me dig deeper and align myself with my values. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I’m so glad I took that step and bought this notebook. In addition to being helpful it feels like a huge act of self care to use it. The notebook itself is beautiful and that alone motivates me to actually pick it up. Thank you Therapy Notebooks for creating accessible, powerful, beautiful (inside and out) tools for mental health."

—Brooke, Therapy Notebooks Customer

You want to invest in your mental health but are not sure where to start.

"I have been reluctant to start therapy despite knowing that I need it. There has always been excuses of timing, schedule conflicts, etc. etc. While this journal may not replace true therapy, I am hopeful that I am taking a step in the right direction and at the very least opening up the conversation with myself. There is no obligation or big time commitment with this journal, even just taking 5 minutes a day, a week, or a month to reflect and write down some thoughts has helped guide me in future thought processes."

—Shelly, Therapy Notebooks Customer

You are a therapist looking for tools for yourself or your clients.

"As someone who manages their own mental health through therapy, medication, and a variety of self-help workbooks AND a licensed therapist by trade, I've found these journals/workbooks to be tremendously helpful for myself and for the clients that I've suggested should try them out."

—Michelle H.., Licensed Therapist & Therapy Notebooks Customer

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