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5 simple steps to improve your self-talk

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook has helped over 200,000 people put the power of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to practice and see real results.

800+ 5 Star Reviews

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Describe the situation that caused you anxiety.

Pinpointing a moment in time can help you better understand your emotions and reactions to a situation. 


Note down the thoughts going through your mind

Put yourself back in that moment and note the thoughts that were in your head.


Name your emotions and rate their intensity

Staring at a blank page is daunting. Trying to process your anxiety with no guidance whatsoever? Even worse. The journal entries provide 5 easy guided prompts that help you catch, challenge, and change your unhelpful thought patterns in just a few minutes. 


Spot the thinking traps that make you anxious

You'll be equipped with The Feelings Wheel (a tool therapists use with their clients!) and a list of Cognitive Distortions to help you identify the nuances of your feelings and the "thinking traps" that you might be falling prey to. 


Reframe those thoughts, and take a different perspective.

This resource is designed to help anxious thoughts as and when they come, so you don't have to use it every day. It's an empowering, self-guided way to resolve feelings, especially when other support systems like friends, family, or therapists are not around.

See how customers use The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Over 800 5-Star reviews for our bestseller

  • "The quality of the book gives me the extra motivation I need to use it. Love the cover color and the paper. The exercise takes a short amount of time and gave me relief from my looping thoughts before going to bed. This is exactly what I hoped it would be."

    Tonya S.

    Verified Buyer

  • I have done 3 entries so far and I feel super satisfied so far. I can already see the difference in my thought patterns. It's more than just for people who have anxiety - I think that anyone would benefit from this book.

    Peter T.

    Verified Buyer

  • "With free journaling, it can be overwhelming to come up with something to write about. The Anti-Anxiety Journal provides an excellent prompt enabling individuals to break down their anxiety to identify triggers and eradicate debilitating anxiety."

    Merry T.

    Verified Buyer

  • I find this book to be very helpful as I work through my moments. Even though it's a book, I feel like it's supportive. I don't feel like giving up when my anger takes hold; I feel like opening the book some more and keep going.

    Tim D.

    Verified Buyer

  • "To sit down and write when I started was hard and scary. Being with yourself, let alone really trying hard to put into words is work, but so worth it. The appendixes really simplify the process and put words into feelings. Something I had never done before."


    Verified Buyer

  • "This notebook is exactly what my in person therapist taught me but all wrapped up in a directed book. I bought 3 so I could gift two. I really like it because it’s all in one place and I can track my triggers."

    Alison S.

    Verified Buyer

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