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Expert Tips: Additional Resources for The Therapy Journal

April 13, 2022

Expert Tips: Additional Resources for The Therapy Journal
By the Therapy Notebooks Team

Therapy is a collaborative process with your therapist. The more equipped you are to navigate that relationship, the better your therapist is able to provide the unique care and strategies for you to reach your goals. We’ve provided two resources to equip you to do just that—alongside The Therapy Journal.

Resource 1: Mapping Time

What It Is:
A reflective exercise that gives you moment to pause and take stock of big picture patterns in your life. This resource helps you understand what factors might be impacting you more holistically.

How to Use:
Take 20-30 minutes to journal through the different questions here. Share your answers with your therapist and trusted friends and family.

Download here

Resource 2: Screening Guide

What It Is:
A list of questionnaires that may be used by clinicians to help build an understanding of their client at the first session.

How to Use:
Read through the Screening Guide and take note of which questionnaires your therapist has used with you (or not!). Ask your therapist about the ones that you’re most curious about.

Download here


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