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Expert Tips: Supplemental Resources for The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

August 02, 2022

Expert Tips: Supplemental Resources for The Anti-Anxiety Notebook
By the Therapy Notebooks Team

Managing anxious and stressful thoughts requires a multi-pronged approach. Included below are additional tools, resources, and worksheets—made by therapists—that you can use alongside The Anti-Anxiety Notebook.

Resource 1: Soothe the Fight or Flight Response

What It Is:
Self-soothing techniques are critical for 
when your mind is sounding alarm bells.

How to Use:
Try all of the techniques in the resource a few times, and identify which one is most effective for you.

Download here

Resource 2: Understanding Anxiety

What It Is:
This resource looks similar to The Anti-Anxiety Notebook journal entries. But instead of focusing on naming your thoughts, you’ll focus on naming your behavior.

How to Use:
Try going through this exercise as a companion to The Anti-Anxiety Notebook journal entry and as a standalone. When you understand how your behavior is tied to your thoughts, it makes it much easier to understand why reframing is helpful and effective.

Download here


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