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4.9 Stars

The Sustained Rest Set

Build habits that improve sleep hygiene and restfulness

$84.99 $68.29 20% off

Improve your sleep by pairing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia—a structured, 6-week program to increase restfulness—with consistent, bite-sized sleep hygiene practices. The Anti-Insomnia Notebook will teach you the skills and tools to get more and better rest; and The Build-a-Habit Guide will help you follow through on the practices that support your progress.

  • This set contains two hardcover notebooks, The Anti-Insomnia Notebook and The Build-a-Habit Guide.
  • Each notebook is filled with 128 pages and 144 pages, respectively, of 75 gsm cream paper for a fluid, delightful writing experience.
  • Hardcover, with a thread-sewn, flat-lay binding. Heat-sealed ribbon.
  • (LxWxH): 8.25 x 5.25 x 0.80 in, 0.51 lb. per notebook

Pay over time when you check out with

The Sustained Rest Set


Learn the tools to
improve your sleep.

The Anti-Insomnia Notebook guides you through a 6-week program to log, adjust, and improve your sleep. Throughout the process, you’ll learn tips and tricks to incorporate into your daily routine to improve the quality and quantity of your rest.

Turn those tools into real habits that support your journey.

The Build-a-Habit Guide gives you the structure and guidance to put a simple habit to practice. The habits that you’ll learn from The Anti-Insomnia Notebook are great starting points to building a foundation of good sleep hygiene for better and sustainable rest.


How This Book Helps You

The Build-a-Habit Guide

This is a guide for preparing and developing your habit of choice, by aiding you through science and expert guidance. The notebook equips you with the skills for long-lasting change and helps you turn actions into automatic behaviors.

How This Book Helps You

Page 4 How This Book Helps You

How This Book Helps You

The Anti-Insomnia Notebook

Sleep is one of the most important foundations for overall health and well-being that too many of us take for granted. This workbook is beneficial for anyone wanting to maximize the quality of their rest, even if insomnia is not a concern. 

How This Book Helps You

Page 17 How This Book Helps You

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I like that The Build-a-Habit Guide has a step-by-step plan. It feels very pragmatic and it makes building habits feel possible. Instead of just saying 'do the thing,' and feeling overwhelmed by trying to the thing, I actually feel like I can do the thing through this book's guidance.

Austin E.

So many things to LOVE! As someone who manages their own mental health through therapy, medication, and a variety of self-help workbooks AND is a licensed therapist by trade, I've found these journals/workbooks to be tremendously helpful for myself and for the clients that I've suggested should try them out.

Michelle H., Licensed Therapist

Working completely remotely has made it more challenging to stick to a good sleep routine. I ordered this workbook to help get my sleep back on track. It's been amazing so far! The logs help you to recognize where issues may be arising and helps make staying on a schedule fun by filling it out daily in the morning. Definitely recommend if you feel like you need a tool to understand and realign your sleep patterns!

Sam K.

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