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Tools made by experts.
Real change made by you.

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The Anxiety & Depression Set The Anxiety & Depression Set

The Anxiety & Depression Set


For the two most commonly co-occuring conditions

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The Anti-Anxiety Notebook The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Reframe and Reset

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The Everyday Self-Care Set The Everyday Self-Care Set

The Everyday Self-Care Set


Build a routine of self-care and intention

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The Anti-Insomnia Notebook The Anti-Insomnia Notebook

The Anti-Insomnia Notebook


An Evidence-Based Program for Better Sleep

The Anxiety and Depression Set

A transformative, 3-pronged approach to the most common co-occurring mental health concerns.

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The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you'll learn to reframe and reset your perspective when feeling overwhelmed and anxious—putting you back in control of your emotions, one step at a time.

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The Everyday Self-Care Set

Mental health and wellbeing start with the everyday things. Build a foundation of self-care with our bestselling trio.

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Bridging the gap between research and real life with notebooks that have helped over 200,000 people.

Hod Tamir, PhD
My clients who use Therapy Notebooks are seeing faster improvement in symptoms, deeper, more meaningful personal insights, a more fruitful and deep therapy session as a result of deep thinking.

Hod Tamir, PhD
Clinical Advisor

Diana Hu, PsyD
Therapy Notebooks puts the techniques I use in therapy into the hands of the people that need it. I think access to these skills is really helpful and really powerful.

Diana Hu, PsyD
Clinical Advisor

Our contributors are real-life experts who help people make meaningful change every day.

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This journal is an actual worthwhile investment. Loved by therapists and other mental health professionals, it's a wonderful addition to your self-care routine.
Feeling anxious? Journaling might help. Therapy Notebooks puts mental-health tools in the hands of the people.
We love this concept (and the fact that it was created by licensed professionals), and think it can be extremely helpful in those moments where you feel overwhelmed and just need to talk to someone.
Most self-help notebooks are bad but this one is not. [It's] designed in part with therapists to come up with introspective prompts that can walk you through a spiral. A nice little add to your nightstand.
Make this Instagram-famous Anti-Anxiety Notebook your new best friend. An inexpensive tool for tracking anxious moments and becoming aware of the evil tricks your brain loves to play on your thoughts. The magical part is that each entry feels easier and quicker than the last.

The Anti-Insomnia Notebook


The Therapy Journal

founder varshil patel

WATCH: Why mental health tools? (2:23)

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Improving Mood


Healthy Habits


Healing Trauma

The Complete Collection The Complete Collection

The Complete Collection

Our suite of therapist-made tools makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Never be without a mental health toolkit with tools that work to soothe and ground you during times of anger, stress, sadness and everything in between.

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