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For too long, improving one’s mental health hasn’t been as accessible as it could be—and we’re here to change that. At Therapy Notebooks, we’re bringing expert therapists, clinical psychologists, and researchers together to deliver proven mental health tools and practices to more people—so that anyone can start feeling better. 

founder varshil patel

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We believe that trust should be earned, not given. And we are committed to continually earning that trust by delivering the highest standard of clinical knowledge and human insight to the masses.


We operate from the belief that positive change is possible, sustainable, and inclusive of relapses and setbacks. Every experience deserves empathy and we strive to always be honest and open in all that we do.


We create tools that meaningfully impact people's lives and we'll never make something just because it's easy or convenient. Our products are made by experts, informed by their clinical and real-world experiences. All that we do is backed by our desire to make positive change achievable for all.


We want to leave people feeling empowered. Capable and self-assured on their path of awareness and growth. By creating products that are easy-to-use, educational, and accurate—grounded in the most up-to-date research—we can bring this sense of accomplishment through all our products.


Why experts love Therapy Notebooks

Diana Hu, PsyD
As stigma around mental health has decreased, there's been such a need for reliable sources to disseminate information. While that is a lot of our work as clinicians in individual therapy, I also have no interest in gatekeeping this information or shrouding it in mystery. I love to be a part of someone's mental health journey and to facilitate insight and those "aha" moments. Therapy Notebooks allows us to bring these moments to a much wider audience.

Diana Hu, PsyD
Lead Therapist for The Therapy Journal

Emory Strickland, PsyD
I love having the impact of working with clients one-on-one but we have so many great tools, techniques, and resources in psychology at-large. In session, I get to take treatment protocols and therapeutic interventions and customize them in a flexible way to fit the needs of the client sitting in front of me. Not everyone can access good quality clinical care so Therapy Notebooks helps these tools and protocols reach a much broader audience than I ever could as an individual.

Emory Strickland, PsyD
Lead Therapist for The Field Guide for Depression

Hod Tamir, PhD
My clients who use Therapy Notebooks are seeing faster improvement in symptoms, deeper, more meaningful personal insights, and we're achieving a more fruitful and deep therapy session as a result of deep thinking. What that means is even those who are accessing individual care are seeing more meaningful progress when they bring these tools into their everyday.

Hod Tamir, PhD
Lead Therapist for The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Jessica Yu, PhD
I am just so tickled that in the age of digital and virtual everything, Therapy Notebooks has made a commitment to helping people in a simpler, more nostalgic way—through journaling. There is so much to be said about putting our deepest emotions and thoughts on paper, and I love that Therapy Notebooks does this while integrating evidence-based techniques into the experience.

Jessica Yu, PhD
Lead Therapist for The After-Trauma Notebook


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