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We're guided by a single belief: mental health resources should be accessible & actionable for everyone. So our products are made by therapists with decades of clinical experience & carefully designed to be helpful from Day 1. 

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Made by Therapists

  • “My clients who use Therapy Notebooks are seeing faster improvement in symptoms, more meaningful personal insights, & a more fruitful and deep therapy session as a result of deep thinking facilitated by the notebooks.”

    - Hod Tamir PhD.

  • "Therapy Notebooks puts the techniques I use in therapy into the hands of the people that need it. I think access to these skills is really helpful and really powerful."

    - Diana Hu, PsyD.

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The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), often considered the“gold-standard” in psychotherapy, The Anti-Anxiety Notebook will teach you the tools to cope and manage your mental health. Made by therapists and using evidence-based, clinically-validated techniques. 

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Therapy Journal

Make the most out of your therapy sessions with this guided journal. Made by expert therapists, each entry is designed to help you prepare for and reflect on your therapy sessions.

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The Depression Guidebook

Using the most effective, evidence-based clinical tools, the Depression Guidebook helps you implement 5 distinct strategies for managing depression. These are the most-trusted tools for improving motivation, internal dialogue, and relationships, so you can better cope with and manage the symptoms of depression.

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The Trauma & Written Exposure Workbook

Effectively confront and process trauma through Written Exposure Therapy, a widely-used first-line treatment for PTSD. Suitable for anyone with a traumatic or stressful memory, this workbook will help you reprocess trauma and confront your memory in a safe & controlled way. 

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The Sleep & CBT-I Workbook

Lay a strong foundation for your physical and emotional health through better sleep. This six-week guided workbook was designed by therapists to help you learn effective strategies for better sleep and address the most common barriers to good rest. 

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Our Bestseller

"This journal helps me concretely navigate issues I am experiencing, and each time I use the journal I feel substantially better."

Jessica C.

"I find I am prone to doom-spiralling when I experience anxiety. This has been a very helpful tool when I catch myself in these moments."

Emma H.

"Within the first couple of entries, I noticed a difference in how I felt and some patterns."

Lindsey S.

"The notebook has been really helpful sorting out my feelings and challenging myself to think about situations in a different way."

Kelsey K.

"This book is incredible!! This is more than a notebook, it has saved me from some of my darkest times. I am so thankful to have found it, as it feels like something just for me."

Anna C.

"This book is written by professional psychologists and psychiatrists and it shows...helping me to focus more on what I enjoy, rather than on those things that are upsetting."

Anne E.

Turning evidence-based treatments into accessible & actionable tools for mental health.

Our collection addresses four of the most common & important topics in mental health: anxiety, depression, sleep, and trauma.

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“Feeling Anxious? Journaling Might Help. Guided notebooks that borrow principles from cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness are aiming to put mental-health tools in the hands of the people.”