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Expert Tips: Navigating The Therapy Journal Entries (With Examples)

November 12, 2022

Expert Tips: Navigating The Therapy Journal Entries (With Examples)
By the Therapy Notebooks Team

We designed The Therapy Journal session entry to be a companion to your unique therapy experience. To give you more insight into how you can flexibly use the journal for your needs, we’ve included two additional examples and Dr. Diana Hu’s commentary to help you get more out of your journaling experience.

Sample Entry Therapy Journal

Dr. Diana Hu’s Review

The sample entries of different sections of The Therapy Journal are great examples of how versatile and flexible the session entries can be.

Notes From the Week: Notice the wide range of situations, feelings, and reflections that this person noted in their Notes From the Week. They also jot down observations about their relationship with their therapist—which is always great to check-in on.

Topics for This Session: Each of the topics noted down are distinct, and include a combination of open questions, concerns, and goals. This is normal! You can use this space to workshop what you want to talk about therapist—and it doesn’t need to look perfect.

Dr. Diana Hu’s Recommendation

There is no one right way to use the session entry. Try experimenting with different approaches to filling out the different sections—whether that’s using the guided prompts, filling in your Topics for the Session as work-in-progress notes, or a finalized agenda.

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