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Therapist Pick
4.9 Stars

The Anxiety Management Set

Effective in-the-moment and ongoing support for everyday stress

$108.17 $85.22 21% off

Effectively manage your stress with a two-pronged approach. Use our bestselling duo—The Anti-Anxiety Notebook for stressful situations as they arise, and The Build-a-Habit Guide to build resilience with everyday self-care practices—and find steadiness and relaxation.

  • This set contains two hardcover notebooks.
  • The Anti-Anxiety Notebook is filled with 272 cream pages of 75 gsm paper for a fluid, delightful writing experience.
  • (LxWxH): 8.25 x 5.25 x 0.80 in, 0.84 lb.
  • The Build-a-Habit Guide is filled with 144 pages of 75 gsm cream paper.
  • (LxWxH): 8.25 x 5.25 x 0.80 in, 0.51 lb.
  • Hardcover, with a thread-sewn, flat-lay binding. Heat-sealed ribbon.

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The Anxiety Management Set


Catch your anxious thoughts and address them with skill and structure.

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook helps you nip anxiety in the bud. Grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, it gives you the structure and guidance to disentangle thoughts that exacerbate distress.

Build a foundation of self-care, so you're not thrown off when life gets in the way.

Anxiety can creep up on us. But if we have a set of habits that ground us—be it stretching, breathing, meditating—we are can cultivate a sense of groundedness that keeps the anxiety at bay.


How This Book Helps You

The Build-a-Habit Guide

This is a guide for preparing and developing your habit of choice, by aiding you through science and expert guidance. The notebook equips you with the skills for long-lasting change and helps you turn actions into automatic behaviors.

How This Book Helps You

Page 4 How This Book Helps You

How This Book Helps You

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Learn how to manage fear and worry and get back into the driver's seat when it comes to tackling these challenging emotions. The practices in The Anti-Anxiety Notebook help you reframe your thoughts into something much more manageable, accelerating your ability to identify patterns and proactively tackle issues as they come up.

How This Book Helps You

Page 15 How This Book Helps You

Hear how Stacey has made The Anxiety Management Set part of her daily routine

Build a habit guide customer review
During my daily journaling habit, I use some combination of The Build-a-Habit Guide, Therapy Journal and The Anti-Anxiety Notebook. I have just found them so helpful in my journey. They support me on a daily basis, and are things that I can come back to that are so well-structured, thoughtfull designed, and written in a way that's accessible. They truly just make me want to put my mental health on that same level, with the same attention to detail and respect.

Stacey S. @_staceyoga_

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I like that The Build-a-Habit Guide has a step-by-step plan. It feels very pragmatic and it makes building habits feel possible. Instead of just saying 'do the thing,' and feeling overwhelmed by trying to the thing, I actually feel like I can do the thing through this book's guidance.

Austin E.

I've felt really frustrated with the idea of building new habits because they either seem "necessary and I have no choice but to do it" or "helpful but too hard to implement". This left little room for feeling like I had agency in my habits and could actually do things to make my life better than to just keep up. The BAHG has presented habit formation in a nonjudgmental way and takes the shame out of the "everyone can make new, wonderful habits to live their best life!" approach of so many other habit-building resources. Yes it is hard work to create a new habit, even one as small as the BAHG calls for. But the book reinforces approaching the difficulties with curiosity and desire to learn about how I operate, which is so different from 'just do it.'

Diana H. Licensed Therapist

I cannot overstate how effective it is to write when it comes to mental health. Next in line for most effective effort for real positive change is self evaluation. Learning about certain brain processes is critical to that process. I got the Anti-anxiety Notebook and it puts those things together in an easy to understand and informative guide for anyone who wants to take a step toward better relationships, or better mental health. It works. It's for everyone. Even if anxiety isn't a problem for you, this notebook WILL help you.


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